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The Arduino platform, with its rich peripherals and simple and easy-to-use features, is becoming more and more popular among electronics hobbyists and professional electronic product development engineers.
Especially in the current IoT, wearable devices and smart appliances have attracted much attention, attracting more companies and individuals to join the hardware startup team.
The Arduino platform, with its simple and easy to use and abundant resources, makes the development of new products simple and efficient, and thus attracts more and more attention in China.
But Arduino’s similar development environment has obvious drawbacks.
Such as inefficient execution, waste of resources, etc.
Therefore, the application of Arduino often requires sufficient program space and data space.
But we’re seeing the ARDUINO is a simple and easy to use, and plenty of peripherals and driver, which can greatly shorten the time of we evaluate new products and new solutions, as long as it can overcome the shortcomings, still worth promoting.

1 review for WAVGAT Arduino Uno “DRIVER REQUIRE”

  1. w

    WAVGAT UNO board not compatible with Arduino uno board.Analog read totally wrong. LCD(1602) showing code for Arduino works but Wavgat no character output .

    • adminuser

      Thank you for your comment, Please follow the steps below to make the board work in efficient way

      Step 1
      Download the following RAR file from the link below;

      Step 2

      Once downloaded, extract these and copy the content within the “update” folder (not the “update” folder itself just the content inside it)

      Step 3

      Paste content to the following path on your computer…

      Step 4

      Restart Arduino IDE Software

      Open Arduino IDE, select your COM port if required and Select your WAVGAT board type (WAVGAT boards are at the very bottom of the board list)

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