Introduction: Arduino – DHT11 Sensor

Hi Guys,

This is my first Arduino tutorial, even though I know there’s huge number of Arduino articles and apprentices videos easy available online, I decided to make my own, to help anyone of us start with basic of Arduino and Electronics.


This tutorial covers the basic low cost DHT11 [Humidity and Temperature sensors inbuilt] and also very common sensor for Arduino projects. The chip inside the DHT11 perform all the heavy task and only output a digital signal with humidity and temperature, compatible with any MCUs, ideal for those who want some basic data logging stuffs, Home Automation and more.

DHT11 Specifications:

· 3 to 5V power

· Max. 2.5mA during conversion

· Humidity range 20-80% with 5% accuracy

· Temperature range 0-50°C with ±2°C accuracy


· VCC (3 to 5V power)

· Data out

· NC


Parts Required:

You will need the following to make the circuit.

· 1 x Arduino Uno

· 1 x DHT11

· 1 x 10KΩ Resistor

· Jumper Wires