Arduino – DHT11 Sensor

Arduino – DHT11 Sensor Introduction: Arduino – DHT11 Sensor Hi Guys, This is my first Arduino tutorial, even though I know there’s huge number of Arduino articles and apprentices videos easy available online, I decided to make my own, to help anyone of us start with basic of Arduino and Electronics. Description: This tutorial covers the basic low cost DHT11 [Humidity and Temperature sensors inbuilt] and also very common sensor for Arduino projects. The chip inside the DHT11 perform all the heavy task [...]


L298 Dual Motor Driver with arduino

L298_dual_motor_driver_module_2A_manual_and_arduino_tutorial Features  Dual H bridge drive (can drive 2 DC motors) Chip L298N Logical voltage 5V Drive voltage 5V-35V Logic current 0mA-36mA Drive current 2A(For each DC motor)) Weight 30g Size:  43*43*27mm   L298 Driver module pin connection and arduino tutorial